Success Stories

Automotive Software

When the Automotive industry began creating the AUTOSAR Specification for automotive software runtime systems, Freescale was a founding member and leveraged Comtek’s OSEK OS team to create releases of Freescale’s AUTOSAR OS.

Comtek was in a position to help Freescale develop a roadmap and implementation plan for the next generation Automotive real-time operating system called AUTOSAR OS. AUTOSAR OS was based on the OSEK OS specification with many additional capabilities. New capabilities included strict latency & timing models, along with memory, security and safety features. Comtek’s OSEK team worked hand-in-hand on the AUTOSAR OS technology which was eventually rolled back into the mainstream development of Freescale.

Building the strategy for Autosar OS required competitive analysis and investigation into the specifications for AutoSAR and JASPAR, along with development, support and testing of compilers, drivers and tools.

Primary skill sets:

  • Microcontroller knowledge
  • RTOS expert level knowledge
  • Peripheral Driver expert level knowledge
  • Test harness automation development
  • Safety critical systems knowledge
  • Compliance & certification knowledge

Technologies leveraged:

  • CodeWarrior, WRS DIAB, and GHS compilers and debug tools
  • OSEK OS preemptive scheduler leveraged heavily

Client: Freescale
Date: February 12, 2017
Service: Automotive Software