At Comtek we fit our staff into the customer’s systems, processes and methodologies if the customer has established software development processes. Other staffing companies may force customers to start using their communications & reporting tools or impose a particular requirement, specification, and/or project management system. If that’s what a customer wants, we can certainly assist in establishing procedures for delivering great software based on our best practices, but generally our customers have their own way of working – so we adapt to the customer.

By adapting to established systems and procedures, Comtek staff become more integrated into the customers’ processes and transition faster to become productive members of the team. Aligned with our clients process, we produce commercial grade, professional software using the following principles and systems:

Waterfall / Agile Methodologies

Much as been said about the movement to Agile development and most of the time it might make sense but there are specific times where a good waterfall methodology makes sense too. Comtek has experience with traditional waterfall, Scrum and Kanban projects and we can help your team transition to the principles of Agile development that fits to your company.

Source Revision Systems

With experience with many source code control/revision systems we can help with the transition from one to another. Also, the spectrum of experience means that Comtek can fit right into your project’s way of doing things.

Defect Tracking

Tracking defects during a development sprint as well as at/after release allows careful monitoring and prediction of failures and weaknesses in your product’s code base.

Source code analysis

During checkins, we run static analysis testing to ensure style and common software patterns aren’t introduced that will lead to quality issues – stop defects before they occur. We are also experienced in SPICE and safety critical analysis tools for Automotive and Aerospace customers.

Code Reviews

When you make peer and periodic formal code reviews part of your processes you will see dramatic improvements in your team morale and cooperation. Often projects skip this step when checking code into a repository and miss the opportunity to fix defects before they happen.

Automated Build systems

Automating build after checkins, or nightly/weekly as needed lets the system work for you while your team is away after-hours. Ask us about how our build systems interact with test frameworks to grade builds.

Testing frameworks

Unit tests, edge-case tests, failure injection, real-time testing and release testing harnesses are built into each project’s testing framework.

Timesheet reporting

Customers want to know how much time and effort has gone into each week of work.

Let’s focus on your success!