For over 20 years Comtek International has been serving customers and helping define great solutions. Here’s a sampling of our customers that we can mention…

Motorola – Throughout the evolution of the company, Comtek International has provided staffing, consulting, and off-shore R&D for over fifteen years. Motorola Mobility is now part of Lenovo, the Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector became Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. and the NXP Semiconductors, and the Automotive business was sold to Continental AG.

Comtek has worked on Microcontroller and Automotive projects with Motorola. Comtek has a 15 year long relationship with these companies and continues to support projects today. Moreover, the projects have ranged from hard real-time OS development, runtime embedded software and software development tools. Several of these projects transcended the spin-out of Motorola Semiconductor to Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. to NXP Semiconductor. (originally known as Ask Jeeves) is a natural language question-answer web-based solution focused on e-business. is no longer a separate business organization but rather its services are offered through IAC Publishing Labs (running the top Q&A search site) and IAC Applications (building browser based products).

When you pose a question on, how can it interpret that language and provide an answer that makes sense? You build an artificial intelligence engine for natural language translation but that requires experts in the field. Comtek was able to recruit and hire top experts and helped make the initial launch of this platform possible.

Freescale Semiconductor Inc., now NXP Semiconductors. (Freescale was originally the Semiconductor Products Sector of Motorola) was a major designer of embedded semiconductors for Automotive, Consumer and Industrial markets. In December 2015, NXP Semiconductors Inc. acquired Freescale Semiconductor and integrated it’s businesses into NXP. Comtek’s relationship with Motorola, then Freescale and now NXP offers software continuity for customers.

Experian develops Web enabled Direct Marketing software among other things. Experian is a global leader in providing value-added information solutions to organizations and consumers. They provide information, analytics, decision-making solutions and processing services. Since 1993 COMTEK provided the development, implementation, testing and maintenance services for the web enabled Direct Marketing software.

Comtek developed Click’s channel management extranet application software. This suite of applications can be configured independently to manage different aspects of the Enterprise distribution channels for customers were Click has sold this application. All of the Click Commerce applications are driven by channel rules that provide different security for different partners in the channel tree and for different users in the system. The architecture provides for an easy integration with legacy applications and works transparently with a variety of data sources.

Click Commerce is a leading provider of on-demand supply chain management solutions that permit millions of users in 70 countries to collaborate, in real time, with business partners across the extended enterprise. Click Commerce solutions support the unique business processes of multiple industry segments such as manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and high-tech.

At the time of the project the client was the NAVTEQ Corporation. Navteq is the world leader in premium-quality digital map data. NAVTEQ data is used onboard most in-vehicle navigation systems sold in North America and Europe. It’s also the driving force behind a new generation of important navigation services, including: Internet websites, Enterprise/Fleet/GIS solutions and Location Based Services (LBS). They are used in mobile navigation systems in more than 40 countries, from cars to Cellular PDA’s.

NAVTEQ is now owned by HERE, the Open Location Platform company, enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. By making sense of the world through the lens of location we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely.

Comtek worked on the Device Map Server Prototype for Symbian operating system on Nokia phones. This is a C++ implementation of a system service for Symbian S60-based devices that exposes an access API to map data for 3rd party applications.

Comtek has provided on-site staffing to augment the leading Gaming and Entertainment supplier’s global lottery software infrastructure which is the framework on which they support government run lottery systems.

Purchasing Platform is a group buying procurement platform for business. Comtek has helped Purchasing Platform develop their scalable cloud platform on which their applications aggregate buying power.

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