Success Stories

Tango Site creation

When Tango needed great staff at a cost-effective site, they asked Comtek to build a new off-shore facility exactly like the Oakland, CA office with similar furniture and equipment so the offshore team would be in a similar environment to the offices in America.

Comtek found and leased office space, built out the facility to customer requirements, provided state of the art security and network infrastructure, hired 50 staff members and ramped up the team.

Tango is a leading mobile messaging service with more than 390 million registered members around the world. Evolved from its beginnings in 2009 as a cross platform video and voice call app, Tango today is established as the way to get connected during everyday life moments with close friends and family.

Primary skill sets:

  • Mobile Application development experience
  • Mobile Application testing experience
  • Customer support experience

Client: Tango
Date: August 31, 2017
Service: Site Creation