Success Stories

Graphical Programming tools

We worked with our client to create a graphical tool for configuring and auto-generating all the necessary software, including initialization routines, device drivers and a real-time scheduler, to execute control algorithm(s) on automotive MCUs.

Users can choose an operating system or the generic scheduler target provided by Simulink and Simulink® Coder. The toolbox leverages the advanced features of the MCU, including the eDMA controller and SIMD instructions for floating-point capabilities and DSP functions. Users can configure the generated code to be ANSI-C, optimized assembly instructions, or a combination of the two. Tune parameters, log data and monitor execution using additional client provided tools. A wide range of compilers are supported, including CodeWarrior, Wind River (DIAB) and Green Hill Software (MULTI).

Primary skill sets:

  • Cloud based scalable systems / infrastructure
  • Deployment to cloud servers
  • Cloud monitoring & security

Client: Major Semiconductor company
Date: February 12, 2017
Service: On-site project