Comtek International, Inc. offers an alternative solution to meet your goals and objectives through our dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) in St. Petersburg, Russia. The ODC is a skilled pool of resources that provide "end to end" quality solutions while minimizing costs and meeting project deadlines. We also have controls in place to insure that you are involved throughout the project.

Comtek Offers:
Experience in a wide spectrum of IT technologies.
Excellence in embedded semiconductor IC software development.
Over 12 years of successful outsourcing experience.
Huge pool of highly trained IT resources.
Best software engineers at competitive rates.
Ability to deliver solutions to highly complex projects.
Distributed software development capabilities through highly productive team collaboration ...and communication.

A few reasons you should consider outsourcing to Comtek:

When it is difficult to identify specific resources with a combination of skills to develop or ..maintain an application.

After you have tried outsourcing and find your project too complex for your current offshore ..company.

If you have an application that needs a technology shift and you are looking for resources to ..port the project.

When you need production support that you are finding expensive to staff.

If you have a well-scoped out project and you would rather have the product cut and delivered ..without having to be intricately involved in the project management processes.

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