Outsourcing to Russia
Security and Disaster Recovery

Comtek has a proven record of delivering excellent outsourced solutions to our customers for over 12 years. We provide a highly scalable and robust support for distributed software development, while minimizing the cost of implementing and managing such a deployment.

We have gained a good understanding of what companies expect and have exceeded their expectations.

One potential client's concern is protecting your intellectual property. We know that delegating any part of your own software development is an intimate process. We have gathered some facts to demonstrate how we cherish the security concerns of our clients, eliminating the potential risk of losing data and suffering from unprotected intellectual property rights.

Outsourcing to Comtek's Center:

Comtek's St. Petersburg development center is located in a secure modern office building. The building was fully renovated in 1998.

Building's other tenants are primarily Western companies.

Building access is controlled by security staff 24x7 based on strict photo identification and is protected by advanced access control systems.

Data security and disaster recovery is taken into consideration to protect your assets and.permit a high level of Comtek productivity Review Comtek Security and Disaster Recovery Information.

Intellectual Property Protection - For the last 15 years
Russia has been an integral part of.the technology and IP portfolio for such technology giants as Intel, Motorola, and Sun Microsystems, just to name s few. International IP transactions involving technology acquisitions routinely take place in Russia. Leading international law firms (e.g. Baker & McKenzie, Gowlings, Deloitte, etc.) have developed practical proof that the intellectual property (IP) laws currently on the books in Russia are compliant with International intellectual property laws.

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