Proven Sourcing Advantages: Our Best Shore approach combines onsite, onshore, nearshore, and offshore sourcing to improve efficiency and quality while delivering cost savings. Comtek structures and delivers this service to match your company's unique requirements.

What do the say about outsourcing to Russia?

When it comes to serious problem resolution, Russian programmers are by far the best
Wall Street Journal

“When it comes to writing complex computer programs, the Russians are absolutely tops.”
Steve Chase, Intel, Russia

“Today’s Russia has the right combination of talent, expertise, and cost to be the location of choice for developing financial technology.”
Global Outsourcing, Sept. 23, 2005

Well over a dozen major companies like Intel, Boeing, Google, LG, Lucent, Motorola, Sun, and Nortel have established offshore development centers in Russia.

Russian engineers are highly skilled winning four of the top eight places (including first place) in 2004 and three from the top 10 in the 2005 International Inter-Collegiate Programming Contests.

Why is Russia a good place to outsource?

For offshore projects our OSDC in Russia offers a major advantage by only providing outstanding skilled Russian engineers, scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and other technical professionals. Russia ranks #1 in the world in the number of scientists and engineers involved with complex Research and Development projects Compared with their other offshore colleagues in other countries, Russian programmers well know to be more creative and able to deal with complex tasks that require non-standard solutions and able to comprehend full project scope.

Comtek hires employees who have their Masters or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Math, and/or Physics and have excellent communication skills, solid industry experience and knowledge across multiple platforms, products, and technologies. Eighty percent of our consultants are our employees.

Our development center is staffed with some of the best IT talent available virtually anywhere in the world. We are very successful delivering complex projects on time with significant cost savings for our customers.

We offer a planned approach using an on-site project manager (or this can be your project manager) and the development team is located in Russia providing the most efficient cost effective solution.

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