CSince 1993 COMTEK provided the development, implementation, testing and maintenance services for the Web enabled Direct Marketing software. We delivered services from a remote location in real time while leveraging rapid application development and accelerated capability to provide round the clock service. We delivered substantial added value at lower cost.
The system we implemented used Microsoft Visual C++, Java Servlets 2.2. Data storage is MS SQL Server 7.0; servers are running under Apache 1.3.12 and Tomcat 3.2. The system was deployed internally under Windows NT 4.0, and externally under Red Hat Linux 6.2. The client side besides plain HTML/CSS includes several applets and extensive use of Java script.
Experian is a global leader in providing value-added information solutions to organizations and consumers. They provide information, analytics, decision-making solutions and processing services.


Develop a roadmap and implementation plan for OSEK IP (a fast, reliable, scalable Real- Time operating system) and deliver the AutoSAR OS prototype (this is the next generation real time operating system for the automotive industry). This required competitive analysis and investigation into the specifications for AutoSAR and JASPAR, Development, Support and Testing of compilers, drivers and tools including OSEC and CodeWarrior tools improvements to the tools supporting OSEK development including:

• GUI/Eclipse for OSEK Builder
• DECOMSYS integration

The AUTOSAR Software and Interface assures the connectivity of software elements surrounding the AUTOSAR Runtime Environment.
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. (once the semiconductor division of Motorola) is the major 5.8B designer of embedded semiconductors for industry.


Comtek developed Click’s channel management extranet application software. This suite of applications can be configured independently to manage different aspects of the Enterprise distribution channels for customers were Click has sold this application. All of the Click Commerce applications are driven by channel rules that provide different security for different partners in the channel tree and for different users in the system. The architecture provides for an easy integration with legacy applications and works transparently with a variety of data sources.
Click Commerce is a leading provider of on-demand supply chain management solutions that permit millions of users in 70 countries to collaborate, in real time, with business partners across the extended enterprise. Click Commerce solutions support the unique business processes of multiple industry segments such as manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and high-tech.


Comtek worked on the Device Map Server Prototype for Symbian operating system on Nokia phones. This is a C++ implementation of a system service for Symbian S60-based devices that exposes an access API to map data for 3rd party applications. This engine uses map data stored on the device in a defined PSF (physical storage format), handles access to and translation of information contained in the PSF and incorporates required management tasks like caching, content sharing and access synchronization. Aplication managed tasks including: correct information delivered to phone; provide the server- and client-class implementations used by this framework API to allow other application to access data structures required; render a map image on the device.
Navteq is the world leader in premium-quality digital map data. NAVTEQ data is used onboard most in-vehicle navigation systems sold in North America and Europe. It's also the driving force behind a new generation of important navigation services, including: Internet websites, Enterprise/Fleet/GIS solutions and Location Based Services (LBS). They are used in mobile navigation systems in more then 40 countries, from cars to Cellular PDA’s.

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